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Desktop Confessional

Universal Mistakes

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Last week, I found myself at a shortage of paper because I used most of it to revise for my exams. So I ventured out and purchased myself a notepad which had my zodiac sign on it as well as an illustration of the Leo constellation.

I found myself gazing at the cover every now and then, marvelling at how astrologers/astronomers can pick out constellations amongst the sea of stars above, where as to me everything were just random positions on a black blanket. I was amazed at how precision and science had such a contributing factor in something as beautiful as stars, an object which I never associated with logic but rather that of legends, myths and magic. I still love going out to the balcony on a cloudless night with the intention of soaking in its beauty while making up stories that could shock all the knights of the Round Table.

However, like everything else in the world, too much gazing and admiring got me thinking (egad!) about how, to me, the constellation really, really did not resemble a lion at all. To my untrained eyes, I saw no mane, I saw no tail, I saw no head. What I saw .. well. I saw a llama.

I saw a striking resemblance in those two pictures. I laughed silently to myself over my insane imagination but then I started to really wonder if there was any possible way that someone back then screwed up. I'm sure whoever found the Leo constellation was human and as human, was bound to make mistakes. Could it be that the proud, regal, attention-seeking image people associated with Leos was fake? Was it just a big lie to gratify millions of astrology-believers out there that the Leonine qualities they so want to have in themselves was a fluke? That they were never King of the Jungle, but a mere llama?

Being a Leo myself, I would like to think that I was like what astrology books say about me: energetic, free and independant. But now any hope I had on these qualities being mine is under serious, serious questioning and doubt. They say Leos like to lead and I certainly can't. Most of the time I think I am a follower, not a trend-setter. As a Leo, I'm supposed to be dramatic and love conflict. Well, I might like drama but I certainly cannot handle conflict. I hate getting into arguments and fights in a public place. The only time I ever sounded anyone off (it was a bitch in school whom I was seriously pissed with), I ended up in tears because I got so caught up in the emotions swirling around me. Needless to say, I came off looking the weaker side although I was supposed to be the one who would produce heart-piercing one-liners that could crush my opponent's self-esteem. It was supposed to be my turn to shine but I ended up fading even more.

So I think all this time, I was a llama and never a lion. I am a llama, an animal which no one really knew existed and is constantly being laughed at for looking goofy. I am on the same team as aardvark (refer to picture below) and wombat (refer to picture below). See, I bet none of you actually knew what those animals were, hah. Point proven. It's time for me to watch less of "The Lion King" and more of "The Emperor's New Groove".

Maybe astrologers and astronomers need to closely look at the Leo constellation again and rename it Llama. They will have to change a hell lot of books in the process but all for the purpose of knowledge and truth, no doubt. And no doubt I will get a mention for being the person who discovered a centuries-old mistake and my name will be glorified and immortalized in books!

"The Leo constellation is a constellation which has come under many conflicts and arguments; the most important theory is that of Sarah Chan who argued that it was a llama, and not a lion so often and wrongfully perceived by many."

(Hey. I think I am a Leo after all.)

This is an aardvark
This is a wombat

And this is a public service announcement brought to you by Sarah in an effort to create an awareness for aardvarks and wombats.

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