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Desktop Confessional

Trailer trash

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Exam week:

1)A week of perspiration even though you are sitting in an ice-cold hall.
2)Of futile glances at the clock every two minutes to see how much longer you have to stay in ice-cold hall.
3)Of midnight oils being burned until 2am, and of much groaning amidst incessant knocking at bedroom door at 6.30am.
4)Of wanting to blog, but never finding time or the right words to...

..except now. Thank God. I thought I was going through another dreaded writer's block.

Monday: wrote like a young politician (or reformist, actually) for Communication Research exam. Started going on about Marxist theories and how the system is filled with conflict and contradictions, status quo being threathened and production of meanings. It was dead fun playing the part of opinionated lay-dee in writing but, I don't think I can do that for long. I'll leave the title of Miss Guevara to Meesh *winks*.

Tuesday: today. Wahaha. Computer Studies was so easy. But was kinda annoyed that I got dressed and ready so early to attend one exam that lasted for only an hour. Ish.

And so here I am, ignoring the fact that I haven't studied for tomorrow's exam and downloading movie trailers as medicine for severe movie-watching malnourishment. Trailers are amazing- they make an entire movie seem so interesting and cool just by using clever snippets of the film and adding in popular music (I realized Michelle Branch's music is played A LOT in trailers) in the background. And then you get all excited and can't wait to watch the movie, and soon, you do. But then the harsh reality of Hollywood kicks in and you realize that you've fallen victim to cunning marketing and promoting strategies. O well. Take it as a life lesson to never watch anything with slapstick as its main source of humour anymore.

It's quite sad to watch trailers which begin with proclamations of all the awards the actors starring in the show have won. It's not sad because it's an overdone tactic to catch a viewer's attention, it's sad when this happens (from the upcoming movie 'Stuck on you'):
Academy Award Winner Matt Damon
Academy Award Nominee Greg Kinnear
Academy Award Winner Cher
in a film directed by four time Academy Award watchers The Farrely Brothers (lol)

It makes you sympathise with Kinnear, being surrounded by all those overachievers. I know the reason for all these award announcements is to highlight the amount of talent in the movie, but what I really notice is the glaring difference between "WINNER" and "NOMINEE".

SO, after aimlessly downloading trailers for over an hour already, I have decided that I have to watch these few movies:
  • Elf, starring the one and only Will Ferrel! About how one day a baby crawled into Santa's bag of goodies and was raised as an elf until he grew to the height of 6 feet. The elf returns to New York- mayhem follows, Ferrel style.

  • The Incredibles, the new animation from Disney-Pixar about an old, over the hill, superhero. Bound to be funny: trailer was about the guy trying to fit into his leather superhero costume with wife in the background saying, "Honey, dinner's ready."

  • Stuck on You

  • Scary Movie 3, wahaha. Sorry. I have to watch this because it makes fun of other movies. I love parodies. This movie is filled with cameos- Pam Anderson, Jenny McCarthy, Queen Latifah, Ja Rule, Michael Jackson... impersonator? I couldn't tell from the trailer.

  • GAH. Look at the time. Have to go brutalize my brain with Audience Studies now.

    Right after I finish watching (again) Triumph, the comic insult dog, make a mockery of 'Star Wars' fans.

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