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Saturday, August 02, 2003

Woke up extremely early for a Saturday (9am) because was so excited of the prospect on going shopping. As it was my birthday yesterday, my mom promised me that I would have a bigger budget to go shopping with. Got dressed and ready and left for KLCC around 10-ish in the am to beat the morning, as well as the shopping, crowd.

KLCC was more than usually crowded today because of the Nationwide sales. I really, really, really, really wanted one of the Topshop jeans that are never on sale and cost about RM203 and I thought today would be the day to get it as it had an ocassion and all. But being me, I like walking around before finally deciding on what to buy. I considered the fact that KLCC lacked Ms Selfridge (also very nice jeans) so I thought that we should head out to Midvalley instead. My brother agreed cos he wanted to get those 'trucker' caps that are so popular nowadays.

So after beating the rain and traffic jam, got to Midvalley. After walking around looking at other shops, reached my favourite part of the mall- Ms Selfridge, Topshop and Dorothy Perkins. Went into MS, and after choosing, bought 2 singlets. Wanted to get earrings but I thought I would come back later.

However. The moment I stepped out of MS, I realized that Topshop was plunged in darkness. Walked in and smelled the unmistakable odour of burning plastic. Yes. Something was fused or something blew up. The sales assistants promptly asked us to leave the shop and then subsequently, they closed it down.

I was going to cry, really. I wanted the jeans SO, SO badly and was so eager to get my own pair (finally) and then- the shop had to have an accident. After that, was just really depressed. MY brother, whose birthday was last month and whose birthday received a bloody electric guitar, went and bought brand new Converse shoes costing RM200. Me, who was the reason of shopping in the bloody first place, bought two tops that went up to the grand total of RM50. Fucking go figure. Plus, the MNG top that I was eyeing and resisted to buy until my birthday arrived, didn't turn out the way I thought it would. It was so low that you could see half my breasts. As a result of so much shock and disappointment (heh), I whineyly asked my mom to just get the hell home. On the way home, I got a migraine. (Still having one now)

What a pathetic 18th birthday. I really hate my reality. I already finished the book I was given yesterday (Charles Webb's 'New Cardiff'. Being adapted into a movie called 'Hope Springs' starring the lovely Colin Firth) and NOW. NOW it seems like I have to study despite my pounding head.

Listening to Simple Plan 'Perfect'

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