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Faces, places, lack of space(s)

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

I had, probably, the most hectic weekend this entire year (ugh, lack of life) and I have not blogged about it until today.

It started with Friday evening, I guess. I came back at 3pm and wanted to go to the hairdresser because I noticed my split-ends. Reached there and was politely told by the manageress (in bad English) that I would have to wait an hour before they could attend to me because the place was packed. Said no, rushed home and started to get ready for dinner and Bangsar later. Came home at 2-something in the a.m and flopped to bed, completely tired and weary from the whole of Friday and the several hours of early Saturday morning.

I woke up in the afteroon, recovering from the accumulated lack of sleep of the entire week. Spent about 2 hours at home before I realized I had to get ready for the Battle of the Bands later at college. I was already ready and gung-ho about the whole battle when I received a call from Angelyn that Yi Wen and her cousins had to utilise my house (again, LOL!) because they had just got back from Sunway Pyramid. So, after they had got ready and stuff, we went for some dinner before attending the battle. We thought we were late because it was already 7 p.m but the infamous 'Malaysian Time' struck again- the battle started at 8 p.m instead.

The BotB was, well. I would have to say that it was pretty much okay and alright. The crowd was really enthusiastic about it and I supposed that that was the good, and also the bad, part. Okay let me get into concert-reviewer mode..

It amused me that the bands were trying so hard to get the crowd jumping by playing really loud and fast tracks. Though I have no problems with said tracks, it didn't give me any sort of good vibrations hearing those tracks being played because most of songs lacked soul. The songs felt empty, like there wasn't much passion poured into the song by performers. It felt like the performers did not really connect with the songs, the meanings of the songs, the overall 'feel' of the songs- but rather, were more interested in 'dazzling' the audience with their skills- singing (non-existent), jumping with guitars, acting all bad-ass, playing instruments (the members of this one jazzy band was good here).

The crowd was an interesting one. They pretty much loved every song played and the only time they acted like idiots and with complete disrespect for the performers was when this one Japanese-inspired band came onto the stage with typically dyed-hair. I admit, I let out a "oh my Lord" and a shake of my head when I saw them on stage but I admired them because they dared to play to a completely different audience. Everyone was making lame-ass, wise-ass remarks like "Go back to Japan!" as if anyone could hear (or be bothered with) their statements. It irks me to no end because I find them obnoxious and attention-seeking. The only reason why they are acting like that was because they hoped people will hear their statements and consider them funny, and laugh along with it, making themselves look cool or whatever. Hello. Who's the loser now?

So after about 3 hours or so of making "rock on" signs (wahaha) and bouncing to some of the songs I have decided that I:
1) Hate rap-rock
2) Think Metallica is good, but over-rated
3) Despise leather pants, especially on scrawny legs. Well actually, leather pants on any type of leg is a no-no. Look at the horror that is Scott Strapp (of Creed)
4) Wonder how people can jump to most of the songs, even though some were so fucking horrible on the ears.
5) Am afraid of excessive pushing, pulling, jumping, moshing- if moshing was what it was that night. My plans of going to Big Day Out, Lollapalooza, etc. have been cancelled until courage decides to pay me a visit

The winner was Voices of Depression (that has got to be one of the corniest band names ever), whose performance I don't remember. I guess at that time I didn't think they stood out as the songs they played sounded similar to most that was already played. We went for mamak later and I guess the awkwardness that hung in the air between us and Yi Wen's cousins finally evaporated because we all could finally talk. They are leaving soon and this saddens me a little because I have only known them for such a short time. It was nice to discover that someone likes Colin Firth as much as I do; and is as obsessive over Coldplay as I am.

But people come and go I suppose. Another intricate yet melancholic element that adds perplexity to life.

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