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Desktop Confessional

Emotional Landscapes

Monday, August 18, 2003

  • The Good

  • I took those pictures last Saturday, on my way to Yi Wen's BBQ shindig. It was a really picturesque ride and it felt really fun being there with my friends, cracking inane jokes in the car and singing along to Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn", among other songs.

    Rides seem to pass so quickly when you have good music and good company. Unlike my rides to Seremban with my parents. The radio will be switched on to Light and Easy and my dad and I will be arguing about the finer poins of appreciating each other's musical interests.

    The BBQ was fun, the food did not cause mass diarrhea. Waking up at 3am and making maggi mee was an experience. Sorry for the extreme blurness of the photos.

  • The Bad

  • Wasn't there a song called "I Don't Like Mondays"? Whoever said that sure knew what he was talking about. There's some sort of epidemic going around in class I think. Everyone's falling ill, coughing here and there, assuming the role of flies (disease spreaders). Heh, I'm joking Piaree, Angie, May Lyn. I hope you guys are feeling okay. You have to feel okay! I really want you guys to be there for Friday. I mean, at least for the dinner. Oh yes, all my readers are invited to come clubbing with me. Haha. Unless you are stalking me. Then don't. Because it's scary. I mean.. ok, I'm rambling. This post is on its way to induce some serious boredom. I'm so sorry.

    Monday sucks. Not only is it the first day of the week (I never considered Sunday the first day), today I got back my Communication Research results. I think everyone did pretty badly when compared to last semester. Everyone seemed to have dipped in their grades a little. Gah, so frustrating. Apparently 80% got below 10 (over 40) for IMC (!!!). According to Matthew. Oh God I am so scared. I need to maintain my grades if I want to cling on to the small, small, microscopic percentage of me actually going off to study in the US.

    Some bitch hit Yi Wen's car today. It wasn't her fault at all. We were just sitting in the car, stationary, talking about something when we heard a "thump" sound. And then a brown Proton Saga sped off. Ugh, Malaysian drivers are really the worse in the world.

  • The Quite Interesting

  • Linkin Park is coming to Malaysia on October 15th. Haha yes! I quite like Linkin Park, and it's been a LONG time since any band came down to Malaysia. Coldplay went to Singapore, RHCPeppers went to Singapore. I am beginning to get very jealous of our neighbours. So Linkin Park coming down to Malaysia is good, very good. All my readers are invited to come with me. Haha. Unless you are stalking me. Then don't. Because it's scary. I mean..ooh. I already said this. I think secretly I want someone to stalk me. Anyway, Stadium Merdeka. Anyone interested? It's pogo time!

    Listening to Linkin Park "Nobody's Listening". (haha, that sentence is amusing me)

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