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Desktop Confessional

Dedicated to Quin

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Right after I posted yesterday's entry, the electricity went off around my area. I sat staring at the blank computer screen, thanking everything above me that I already posted. No-electricity agony is something I choose over just-typed-a-hell-lot-but-alas-did-not-save agony. So I walked down the stairs in a considerably foul, but no worse than if I did not save the post, mood and cursed about Tenaga to my amused mother.

It was stifling hot in my house. It threathened to rain earlier but did not and I wished that it did so badly. I sat on the couch for a while, staring at the row opposite my house which had electricity. Its windows with light pouring out seemed to be mocking me and my darkened house. This dead object of a house was brutally severing my mood with its yellow glow and the idea of ceiling fans spinning around pleasantly in living rooms. Then there was me- sitting grumpily on the couch, fanning myself with a brochure and letting out a curse word or two every five minutes.

After I decided that I could no longer stand the humidity in my house, I walked out and started pacing around in my garden. It was much cooler outside and I think I rounded my entire garden about ten times. I then realized that I have not collected the mail (my responsibility around the house) since last Monday because I was too preoccupied with my exams. So, I checked my mail, dragged all its contents out and starting going through it.

I saw this unusual, un-envelope-like object in a plastic bag mixed with all the bill notices and such. I opened the plastic bag and discovered an envelope with my name written on it, written in a handwriting that I remember and associated with Form 5 and of the colour purple.

It was a card, a birthday card, and the un-envelope-like object was a cassette. My friend Quin had dropped it into my mailbox a few days ago, I assumed. I was surrounded by darkness (literally) but yet, I found so much to smile about.


My deaaaaaaaaaar Quin (if you are reading this):
Thank you so much for the present. It was very unexpected and it came at a time of great trials and tribulation (an exaggeration but hehe, bear with me!). I'm really touched that you remembered my birthday, and I feel really guilty that I did not remember yours until yesterday. Really, really. But I know it was on the 9th- I remember that. I wished I could just blame my forgetfulness on exams but I know that's pretty lame. So all I can do is offer my apology and my thanks to you for being sooooo sweet! Luv ya! I know, it's pretty sad that we don't talk much anymore but hey- at least we still talk. It might not measure up to the conversations we had during the extreme wasteland of boredom that was Biology, or the extreme difficulty that was Add Maths (where I will be doing most of the talking- asking you how to do this and that). It might not even measure up to the non-verbal interaction we had during the silent period of Chemistry (silent! Because if we uttered one word Pn. Rogayah would have turned towards us and forced us to answer a question), but I am still happy that we are not acting like complete strangers. I'm sure we will have a chance to sit down and have a chat one of these days. Until then, I want to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday! And ... *hugs* You're such a great friend. This entry is for you, Quin.

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