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Desktop Confessional


Friday, July 11, 2003

Dooweedoo- 'tis the weekend again!

Today has been pleasantly boring (eh?). Had to be in college until 1pm instead of the usual 11am because of Moral Ed. Had to watch Moses part the Red Sea, free the slaves and climb Mount Sinai (Moses- the every man!). Unfortunately, we haven't reached that part yet. Hope I didn't ruin the ending for some of you. This is one movie which I can say is better than the book e.g the Bible.

IMC assignment was due. I had to correct the cover of my assignment as it wasn't centered enough, so I rushed to Lab 4 to do it as I didn't want to be late for ME. I got a computer easily enough but my printing one sad, solitary page took more than 10 minutes because this idiotic, nerdy-looking guy and his friend at the printer was printing what looked like thirty pages worth of an assignment. The annoying thing was that he kept going, "Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Still mine. Etc (not much variation with the words)" as the pages were printed. AUGH. Hair-pulling.

Lunch was spaghetti at Tuna Twist with Lyn, Angie, P'ng and Huey Teng (teeheehee- I spelt it right! Not like someone *looks at Lyn* LOL). Had a nice conversation with them about everything and everyone. Love my classmates- they're so nice and interesting to talk to. Feels kinda strange that it's already the second month of having new classmates from Group 3 but still haven't had lunch and a real chat with them yet. When I think back in Sem 1, most of us had lunch with everyone else in the class by the third week or so. Well, whatever. I guess it takes time. They're all really nice so I'm sure we can get along.

Finished the book 'Shanghai baby'. It was alright, very poetic. Am gonna start 'Life of Pi' soon. Called my friend whom I haven't spoken to in a month and yakked about music, movies and other friends. I think I have decided my must watch movies for the next two months to come:

1) Bruce Almighty- Jim Carrey! Wee!
2) Pirates of the Caribbean- Orlando Bloom! Johnny Depp! Woo!
3) League of Extraordinary Gentlemen- Stuart Townsend! Yip!
4) T3- Arnie Schwaresomethinglong. Erm.. he's cool.

Dammit. Have to go for my old school's Interact Club Installation tomorrow. Will be so bored. Don't really fancy the idea of going back but they called me personally to invite me and I just don't have the heart to say no. But the incoming president's a real sweetie so I think I'll go for him. The bright side is that I will be meeting up with my two good friends (whom I haven't seen in a while too, sigh) later. Bad part is that I have only RM5 in my wallet. And my bank's in Penang! *sob* Daddy.... come back..

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