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Desktop Confessional


Tuesday, July 15, 2003

I can't really understand what exactly is happening to my dad.

He just bought my brother a Fender electric guitar and a Marshall amp for his sixteenth birthday (sweet sixteen, indeed!). He did call me earlier to ask what colour my brother would like but I thought he was just looking; not like he would really buy it THERE and THEN.

But he did. My brother burst into my room looking all shiny and happy and asked me to come look at his present, and I knew that my dad bought the guitar for him.

Yesterday he allows me to get a tattoo and today he buys a guitar for my brother so he can finally do all the "distortion shit".

I am truly, truly amazed. My dad is running for the Best Dad award, I think.

To the aliens who have taken over his body- thank you, welcome, please stay.

PS: LOL, ahahahahaha.. well it seems like I don't have to put the infamous Matthew story that got both me and Ee May laughing our heads off in class today as I see she has already posted it on her blog. HAHAHAA, LOL. Oh Lord. It's incredibly funny! Hey, P'ng: I still laughed when I read your blog, ahahaha. LOL.

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