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Desktop Confessional

To hell and back with the vampire, Lestat

Monday, July 07, 2003

What is it about dark, brooding, mysterious, wavy haired, suicidal-looking men that make me go mad? Is it because I think I can save their souls? *pause for laughter to die off* Is it because they have this immense, almost suffocating aura that hypnotizes you? Is it because of their come-into-my-soul eyes? Is it because Stuart Townsend is absolutely gorgeous and sexy and hot?

I watched 'Queen of the Damned' on TV last night. The movie bored me. It was disappointing especially when I remember the mad hype that surrounded the movie two years ago (plus, the fact that Aaliyah died shortly after the movie was completed *sniff*). Compared to 'Dracula'- the one with Gary Oldman, Wynona Ryder and Keanu Reeves (!)- this one kicked a rat's ass. 'Dracula' freaked me out. I was ten (or so). In two hours, I was exposed to blood, gore, romance, sex and .. erm.. Keanu. It was an amazing movie. The ending kicked my human ass. Once you get pass the dead-for-centuries fact to Dracula- he is actually so romantic. He became the UNDEAD because his wife killed herself. GAWD. How genius can that get? Making you feel for the villain who deserved the stake through the heart/axe through head/holy water through body/sunshine through window*. (I wonder if 'Dracula' won any awards.)

Anyway. 'Queen of the Damned'- yes. I say the movie was bad because it failed to scare me. Me- the one who cannot stand horror movies. The one who couldn't sleep for two nights after watching the English version of 'The Ring' (the light above my bed was in the shape of a circle. I kept hearing Samara's voice in my head- "before you die, you see the ring"). Also, I found it hard to keep a straight face with the song 'Get Down with the Sickness' pounding behind one of the supposed 'scarier' scenes (Ha. Ahahaha. That song is hilarious). The scene would have been more effective if they used some gothic, medieval music (it's official- modern music spoils everything. Heh). AND (yes! I am in movie reviewer mode!) I hated how Aaliyah's role was so underplayed. The way Akasha died was.... unsatisfying. I expected something a little more dramatic. So why did I watch on? "Lestat.........".

Well back to reality. Angelyn bought a skirt today that had the word 'Angel' splashed across her bum. It was so cute. I think it's cool to have a name that could be shortened to something that's interesting and meaningful. If my name was shortened and the shortened word (with me so far?) was splashed across the back of a skirt, the word would probably be SARS. That is just too depressing to contemplate. Won't somebody just bite me? (Lestat! Lestat!)

*I am not sure how Dracula died. It's definitely one of the above.

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