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Desktop Confessional

Saturday afternoons of boredom

Saturday, July 05, 2003

*yawn* It's Saturday, perhaps the laziest day of the week. Right after Friday (the best day of the week!) and right before Sunday (day of obligations- I'm not talking about religion alone). It's 3-something in the PM and I have already had my lunch and completed the week's grocery shopping (with my mom). So now I am just sitting opposite my computer screen, completely bored and doing random things online, i.e being nosy by reading other people's Blogs, doing quizzes on eMode, listening to music and searching for stupid things on Google. Hey guys- do you wanna see something hilarious? Go to Google, search for "weapons of mass destruction" and then click on the 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button. You will get the coolest Error message ever. Seriously. I kid you not!

GOD. Do you know how long Angie, May Lyn and I were at One Utama's parking lot yesterday? ONE HOUR. We were circling the entire parking lot like some hungry vultures or something, pulling our hair at everytime we missed a parking space to the car in front of us. Stupid drivers everywhere, parking in non-existent parking lots. Angie accidentally bumped into a car in front and two stupid bitches (that should be a new cartoon) came out and raised their voices (and arms) at us even though it was just a SLIGHT BUMP (come on- we bumped at 3 km/h or something- the parking lot was soooo packed!). There wasn't even a dent or whatever! Fucking old bitches. Just because we are younger they think it's okay to act all fucking superior. I wonder what the HELL was their problem. It must be menopause. Or the fact that they are 40 and still single and unmarried. Whatever. (Man, I am feeling bitchy today. Must be PMS or something, heh.) So anyway, in the end we got a parking space. I didn't buy much- just earrings and a present for my friend. We had Baskin Robbins' ice-cream- w00t! (Maui Brownie Madness is heeaaaveeen).

At night, went to Gazebo to celebrate my friend's 18th. Met up with some old friends whom I haven't really spoken to in a while. Found out SAM was a bitch and that my uncle who lectures Malaysian Studies for A Levels/SAM in Taylor's is extremely long-winded (look at the length of this post- it's definitely in the family). So this post signifies the end of my week. Sunday will be another new week (they just pass you by, don't they?)! Hopefully one worth blogging about (and if it isn't, I'll just rant and rave anyway).

Before I go, guys- make use of the Tag-board yeah? *points to the dark blue box on your left* Cheerio. Have a nice weekend.

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