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Desktop Confessional

Rides of your life

Thursday, July 31, 2003

My apologies to all my friends for not updating my blog these days. It was a week of writer's block, feeling completely uninspired by everything. The only thoughts floating around in my small humble mind was that of "Fuck CR!"

*bitches and moans about it*

I took a cab back from college today after a session of group study. I take cabs so easily and readily these days that it kinda amazes me. A few years ago, the thought of entering a cab alone would cause my parents to go into protector mode ("No no I will take you, I will take you") and me being all happy that I have a driver but annoyed at the same time that I wasn't allowed to take public transport.

Not anymore.

I've been in tons of cabs alone. Although I know quite a few people hate the idea of taking a cab alone because of the risk of meeting a serial killer, I don't mind it. So, from all my cab rides I have realized that cab drivers, like everyone and everything else, have categories. I know it's shitty being labeled and categorized, but all that spare time of solitude at the back of a cab has given me loads and loads of time to think.

The best kind of cab drivers are the ones who smile at you and say "Thank you" after a ride. They engage in small but nonetheless amusing chats with you about the song being played on the radio, family, religion, philosphy, etc. They talk about Malaysia's infamous traffic jams and entertain you with their stories about all their memorable customers in the past. These kind of cab drivers make the usually dreadful minutes in a cab whizz by and when you've reached your destination, it feels like you've made a new friend although you've only known him 15 minutes. They are honest people trying to make a living. And they speak English! You don't know how great it is to have a cab driver that speaks English!

The silent cab drivers are the ones I meet the most. You open the door, mention your location. They nod curtly and you get in. The rest of the journey remains silent. I like these drivers. They don't ask too many questions and you are left with minutes to look aimlessly at familiar scenery. One time, I got into a cab and the driver misheard me. He thought I was going to USJ 18 instead of SS18. So, when he missed the first turn, I got a little worried. When he missed the second turn, I panicked and thought, "That's it. These are my final minutes. I am going to die here". I finally told him (with immense, though fake, calm) that he was going the wrong way. There was a moment of surprise in his eyes but gah, he still kept quiet and made a U-turn.

And then- LORD- we have the final species of cab drivers. The worst of the lot. The perverts. To be stuck in a cab with a cab driver who keeps looking at the rearview mirror to check out your breasts is a lot like hell. I usually shift and sit behind the passenger's seat when I see this happening and pray that he gets his eyes gouged out and fed to Koi fishes. Also, there will be the predictable, lame ass, sure-sign-of-a-perv questions:
1) "Adik dari Jepun? China? You tak macam lokal."
2)" You cantik la.." (A girl might be flattered at any other time this is mentioned, but by a dirty, disgusting cabbie- UGH, ICK.)
3)"You dah kahwin ah?" (Do I look that old?)

... and many other stupid, annoying questions and remarks that make you want to hurl on his face. There was once my friend and I took a cab from Pyramid to SS15 for some mamak and the driver was another pervert. He asked the same questions and was also eavesdropping on our conversation. We were talking about my friend's dad's friend who owned a club(s) in Bangsar and the guy was like, "Oh, you go Bangsar ah? I go too. Yesterday I go" in broken, heavily Malay- accented English. We went "Uh.. uh.. erm" and before we left (hurriedly) the cab, the bastard gave us his number so we will call him the next time we were going. GOD.

So you see that is why I like cabs. They're so interesting and the show only costs you less than RM10, depending on where you go.

Listening to Good Charlotte's "Day that I die"

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