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Desktop Confessional

Random acts of blogging

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

1) It just stopped raining and the weather/atmosphere outside is amazing. It's cool, windy and not bright at all- as opposed to the weather earlier today: mad hot and glaringly bright. Went to my balcony just now and pretended to be a character in a movie- contemplative, with wind blowing at hair (though it wasn't music video wind, it was the kind of wind that blew hair into your eyes and ears). Acted all mysterious and pretended that the music from my computer was from the soundtrack of the "movie". Hah- I am so lame.

2) Mom's birthday tomorrow- she is 46! She looks a little younger though.. methinks it's because she really invests on her skin (she once spent RM1K on Shisheido products! Eek!).

3) Have managed to induced BridgetJones-Mania on May Lyn. It would be a matter of months before I take over the world, mwahahaha...

4) Having first major skin break-out. Have pimples everywhere. Am resembling/turning into Adrian Mole.

5) Have a feeling that I will do really badly this semester. I can't seem to grasp IMC, CR, ME and CS. *sigh* If my feeling turns into reality, the effort I made in my first semester will be totally wasted.

6) Looking forward to PS tomorrow! There will be PASSION! There will be POWER! There will be DRAMA! Yes, indeedly.

'some things in this world you just can't change..some things you can't see until it gets too late'..matchbox twenty's "Bright Lights"- on repeat mode!

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