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Desktop Confessional

Of Metrosexuality and Manukan Island

Saturday, July 19, 2003

Manukan Island

Gah gah gah. I'm bored on a Saturday afternoon. My brother just asked me to accompany him to go accessory shopping. My brother is one of those Metrosexuals that everyone's been talking about.

Metrosexuals aren't homosexuals or bisexuals- in fact, they're as straight as can be. Metros are guys who are not afraid to go shopping with girl friends, washing their face with face wash rather than soap and actually caring about their appearances- hair, etc. Some Metros paint their nails, some don't.

The biggest example of a Metro is David Beckham. The guy goes for highlights, expensive haircuts, paints his nails black and wears a sarong. He doesn't even care if the tabloid finds out. He's just too secure in his masculinity to care. Who wouldn't, if you're one of the best athletes in the world (I love Beckham, I hate Real Madrid. EPL is never gonna be the same again).

Another is Justin Timberlake- he cares so much about his appearance, esp hair-wise. I can't remember who else they (Netscape) listed but, oh yeah- Ben Affleck. I think Ben just signed a deal with Revlon or L'oreal to promote some sort of cleansing wash. So yeah- Ben's another Metrosexual.

I like the idea of Metrosexuality. Hell, I would love to date a Metrosexual. Think of the benefits- you can book a table at a fancy restaurant and rest assured that your significant other knows that he absolutely cannot come in ripped jeans and a "I'm With Stupid" shirt. Also, a Metrosexual would definitely be a great dresser and guys who dress well are really, really hot. They can be hideous, but if they dress well- it kinda balances things out (I can see that I'm shallow). He wouldn't complain that you need another pair of shoes but would maybe even accompany you. He'll buy nice gifts that go well with your personality and life because he doesn't mind spending a few hours in the shopping mall looking for the best gift. Say goodbye to really annoying things like the customary necklace (bought because he is simply out of ideas) or a subscription to FHM (it's really only for him to ogle at).

I'm letting my imagination run away with me again.

Amazing Race was in Malaysia last night!! Kota Kinabalu! Does anyone else watch this show?

I was so excited, the whole family was so excited. We were all twitching in our seats and admiring how beautiful Manukan Island (near Sabah) is. You never realize how beautiful your country is until they feature it in a show or something. I think it's because you spend a significant portion of your life contained to certain areas in Malaysia and therefore you can never appreciate Malaysia- lush tropical jungles, amazing islands and the various ethnics (or maybe because your country being in a show adds some sort of glamour touch to it?). I was ecstated that they had their Detours and Road Blocks in Malaysia and not like the previous season where they spent like, 15 minutes of TV time in KL and rushed off to Singapore. I reckon they will still be in Malaysia in the next episode, so I'm really excited.

I hope I bump into David and Jeff... or Reichen and Chip. Or better- the clowns! Yay yay. The gratification I get from using the media is escapism (heh heh).

Listening to Lifehouse "Sick Cycle Carousel"

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