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Desktop Confessional

Bang the drums for the weekend!

Friday, July 25, 2003

I think I can say that I have a prolonged weekend as starting from today, the whole of the Mass Comm. program will be on its mid-semester break for a week. We will return to college with less enthusiasm than before because we return to face a week of examinations.

Six subjects. All of which I am completely lost in. Miss Karam substituted a class today and gave us a few simple questions and I realized in horror that I couldn't answer them without the help of my notes. I couldn't even answer one particular Q even with the help of my notes. This only made me realize how far behind I am in my studies, and as usual- being the nerd that I am- I had visions of failing this semester and repeatng it. Truth be told, I personally think I am slipping in my assignments and quizzes. It feels like I don't give a fuck about them anymore. I don't put as much effort into them as I did the previous semester.

So, the next week will be my personal hell. A week of flipping through my lecture notes and handouts, trying to figure out what everything means (especially Comm. Research). It doesn't look like my 18th birthday would be fun at all what with mid-sem exams. Actually.. I think I would rather just celebrate it after the exams. I think it's better- everyone would have a reason to celebrate. Me: my delayed 18th celebration, my classmates: the demise of the mid-sems. What do you guys think? (Cheryl, if you're reading- let's go Bangsar on the 9th, can?)

Anyway. Today the program had a pot luck for the students and lecturers. I felt quite bad leaving earlier but whatever la- I wasn't feeling like Miss Social, I was tired (from lack of sleep) and was hungry. At the pot luck, Lisha (or was it Nisha?) came up to me and asked me to join the Mass Comm editorial board. Apparently, we are coming out with our very own newsletter. Well it's about time. It seems kinda funny and weird that a program which produces journalists have no newsletter of their own. So yeah, anyway- I said that I would be happy to join but I wonder now if it was the right decision. I mean, it's a cool idea and I am all up for it- I just hope that I can juggle all the assignments too.

Tomorrow's my grandma's 80th birthday.. will be driving (not me, obviously, as P licence remains unused) to Seremban. That woman is incredible. She is old but yet, still has the mental vitality to nag, gossip and play mah jong. When most elderly citizens are off to bed at 10pm, she stays up till 3am, gossiping about other family members and nagging my uncles and aunts that they are cheating at mah jong. You know who she reminds me of? Raymond's mother in "Everybody Loves Raymond". She even has a head full of pure white hair.

Hope to be like her when I am 80. If, that is, I reach 80.

Can't wait for a whole week of waking up at an inoffensive, sane, normal hour!! Will finally have a good night's sleep. Yay.

Listening to Justin Timberlake's "Senorita". I love this guy- he is soo hot.
"It feels like something's heating up, can I leave with you? I don't know but I'm thinking 'bout, really leaving with you"
Gonna start dancing around like an insane person again. Who's with me? MAY LYN?! I know you like this song! Play it now and dance with me!

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