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Desktop Confessional

Retail therapy

Friday, June 13, 2003

Fri Jun 13, 11.09pm
Retail therapy

There's nothing like shopping to take your mind off a busy-yet-boring-yet-tiring first week of college. It feels like I haven't slept for more than 2 hours this entire week. It's my system- it's not used to waking up at the command of my handphone alarm (programmed to ring at 6.30am *groan*). I don't even have the luxury of hitting the Snooze and getting another 5 minutes. I have to share the bathroom with my brother and I just haaate getting into an argument with him about wetting the toilet paper so early in the morning!

As a result, I've been yawning way too much this week (I think i pulled a jaw muscle!) and I have a feeling that I'm not the only one. Everyone's been saying, as if on cue at around 2pm or 3pm, how tired they are and how badly they want to get home and have some rest. You cant blame us- we have 8am classes from Tuesday to Thursday! It's way taxing. Also, because we are just in the beginning of our subjects, they all seem kinda boring. (However I think this perception will change once July comes around)

To counter this sudden wave of tiredness and depression, my mom brought me and my brother shopping today at Midvalley. Maybe it's just me or maybe it's because I'm having a dumb-blond moment, but shopping is a theuraptic (did I spell that right?) and almost relaxing thing for me. Some people might not agree cos the thought of walking endlessly in malls and trying on different clothes exhausts the hell out of them even before they step into a mall. But for me... I'm a bargain addict. My ultimate mission in life is to get bargains, and when I buy something that is worth the money I paid for- I get the ultimate high. (Um well actually it's my mom's cash heh)

So, anyway. I know you probably dont care abt my philosphical views on shopping (haha) but I'm bored so bear with me as I list down the things I bought:
-3 tops (FCUK one that says 'bon in bed', a Sisley one that says 'Heart Insurance' and a dark brown MNG top very similar to the one Michelle Branch wore in her video "Are you happy now?". Woohoo! Ohh and I saw Deanna Yusoff in MNG. I walked into the fitting area and wondered why there were 2 or 3 assistants crowding over something/someone. And then the someone spoke in a posh British accent (why does she have a British accent???) and she was like "No, they're all very nice but I dont think it suits me, thank you." HMPH. Everyone was ignoring us, customers but obviously not as important as a customer like Deanna. I shall complain to the management!.. or maybe not)
-Jacket. (WAY TOO FREEZING IN B20/B18/COMPUTER LABS. This one was so cheap- RM40)
-Undies! (I wanted one that had like a Chinese-looking girl motif on the front but I didnt look when I was grabbing my size and found out later that I actually bought a different one- one with a picture of a snake which said 'Snake Charmer'. Guess why?)
-Socks. (I wear sneakers too much to the point Piaree thinks it's unusual that I wear flats/sandals. She starts calling me 'girly'! Silly Twichai! LOL! :D)
-Deodorant (Heh, go figure)

Anyway. I guess I've bored you guys enough. I shall now go off and watch TV or do something more productive!

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