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Desktop Confessional

The most interesting thing in the world to you..

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Thu Jun 12, 6.32pm
The most interesting thing in the world to you...

.. is usually yourself. That's why quizzes that tell you what your personality is like are so popular. Like, for example: I took this quiz called "Which swear word are you?" two weeks ago and I was labelled "bitch" (obviously a fluke cos I am an angel!LOL). Quizzes are fun and they feed your self-obsession.. it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy when you get positive comments. It fuels your ego, I guess.

I suppose that astrology, too, is very popular because people are interested to find out what they are and to also experiment the accuracy of astrology. I'm a Leo, and I admit to having some very Leo-ine qualities: I like drama, I like attention (good ones, not attention as in being labelled a slut or whatever) and I am loyal. But I don't believe the compatability thing. It's totally off. If it were true, I would have lost half my friends due to so-called "astrological incompatibilities".

However.. I think astrology can tell you a little something about yourself. I sent in my date of birth and birth time to this site and got my astrological report. The result? Some stuff are true and there are of course some qualities that I don't recognize myself having. But who knows? Maybe I do have them and is too embarassed to admit to them, heh.

If you want a free astrology chart yourself, just go to http://alabe.com/freechart/
(Sorry, couldn't link it for some reason. Stupid comp.)

It's a good way to kill boredom!

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