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Desktop Confessional

Sunday, June 22, 2003

Mon Jun 23, 8.46pm

Hmph. I am imagining people reading the fifth installment of the Harry Potter series. I am imagining people gasping with delight at the twists and turns of the books. I am imagining them burying their nose in the book, unable to do anything but complete all 820 pages of the book.

Why Lord, am I not one of those people?

I am dying to read Harry Potter 5. Apparently it's the best in the series (yup, I did my online research and all already, heh) and filled with revelations of Harry's past. etc. My brother THINKS his girlfriend is getting it for him and he EXPECTS the book to be in our house on Wednesday. But I dont know- 'thinks' and 'expects' are words so filled with doubt! However, I shall wait til Wednesday and if it doesnt come THEN- I will go and get it myself! I will go and purchase a RM90 *sob* book!

I don't care if this post makes me sound like I'm 10 years younger. Pfft.

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