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Desktop Confessional

It's all in your mind...

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Wed Jun 11, 8.20pm
It's all in your mind

I have ichthyophobia. I am afraid of fish! It's true! I hate the little slimy, fin-ny things with their bulging, lifeless eyes and always opened mouth. They freak me out. I have never held a live fish in my hand and the worse part is that my dad has seven of those freaky Golden Horn fishes in my house! ARGH. I am afraid of my house- I have ECOPHOBIA! (But Finding Nemo was so cute though!).

And today I think I have also found out that I have Glossophobia, which is the fear of speaking in public. My first assignment for my Introduction to Public Speaking course is to present a poem/song/dance on top of a chair in the cafeteria on MONDAY. And my teacher is soo smart too- Monday is the day where most of the SAM students come back to school! And there is bound to be people singing, so it would rain and people would not get to go out and they will stay in the cafeteria and there will be more and more and more people watching us embarass ourselves! Nooooooo...

Damn, now I realise that I have Katagelophobia - fear of being ridiculed- too. Will there ever be an end to my phobias?

Anyway, I have to admit that I am lucky to not have Geliophobia. Can you imagine being afraid of laughter? Whoever that is afraid of laughter will have a tough time being in my class and would have surely died of fright today during Public Speaking class as we were laughing non-stop. I had tears running down my cheeks. ("Suddenly the cicak on the wall is so attractive! Suddenly the pattern on the floor is so intriguing! Oh no, I'm lopsided and obese!" LOL!!)

BUT, I thank GOD AND ALL THE ANGELS ABOVE that I do not have Heterophobia- which is fear of the opposite sex. Oh Lord, life would be horrible, terrible, torturous. Where will I get my fun? What is there to look forward to during the long, deadly hours of college? Who cares about clothes as there's no one to impress? The questions go on.

Guys will be crushed if they have genophobia- fear of sex. They will be subjects of ridicule all their lives. Die a virgin at age 81 (I heard that without sex, you can't live long- is this true? If so, I guess it should be 'Die a virgin at age 45', hehe).

Genuphonia is a fear of knees. Mwahaha- knees. That's pretty funny.
Satanophobia is the fear of Satan. That's pretty understandable. No one would respond with calm when someone with horns, tails and a pitched fork appears in front of you surrounded by a ring of fire, while condemning you to a lifetime in Hell.

But to prove that life is pretty unfair and that God has a sense of humour- the fear of long words is called hippopotomonstrossesquippedaliophobia.

(Fears taken from Real Fears. I didn't make them up, heh.)

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