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Desktop Confessional

I'm justa nerd..

Friday, June 27, 2003

I think one of the most satisfying things in this world is to curl up in a huge, squashy, comfy couch and lose yourself in a book. Yup, that's right- I have my Harry Potter! Right here in my very own house! I get tingles just looking at the cover (though I admit that the design looks very childish. Well, still not as bad as Creed's Adobe disasters of what they call 'album covers' *shudders* Just look at the embarassment of their cover 'Human Clay'!)

The book is bloody addictive. Which, actually, is bad for me cos the book actually belongs to my brother so we have to share the damn thing and he gets priority. I only get to read it when he's outta the house or busy doing something unbeneficial (as usual). And since it is his book, there are all these stupid rules when it comes to reading it. Like, you have to flip the pages reallllly sloooooowly. And, you can only open the book up to a 45degree angle. You can't completely open it, know what I mean? His friend is worse- he opens it soooooo little that he has to like crane his neck to read the entire page. It's so frustrating especially since I am dying to find out what is happening on the next page. How can you fully appreciate the glory of fiction if you're more worried about how it looks from the outside?

Anyhoo. I will stop whining about my brother's fanaticism with the maintainence of HP5 (maybe he is like that because the book costs a bomb, yeah?). I am just glad it is the weekend, giving me ample time to finish the book and start on other books- Adrian Mole, American Gods.

Lurve books. :)

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