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Desktop Confessional

Hair-puling activities

Monday, June 30, 2003

I hate going to shopping malls with no money. I absolutely despise it! I hate going into Miss Selfridge and seeing all those MichelleBranch-type singlets and trying them on; find out that it fits good but then reluctantly handing it back to the sales assistant with a "Hmm..no" look on your face while the sales assistant discreetly rolls her eyes and silently thinks that you're this poor girl who has some sad, depressing habit of trying on clothes that you can't afford (actually, sod these type of sale assistants! Hate them too!).

Today, after college, went to Pyramid with May Lyn and Angie and looked on jealously as they happily bought clothes. *cries* Me and my RM150 a month allowance (how does anyone survive on that measly amount???? But will ma listen? NO!!).

Anyway, cheered up after remembering was going to Cheers on Friday for lunch. I've just been sick of salivating everytime Meesh or Losh or Veena mentions how damn good the food is there.

See!! I am taking my life into my own hands. Hah.

Listening to Alanis M. "Head over Feet"... 'you're the best listener that I ever had, you're my best friend..best friend with benefits..'

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